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What is Biographywork?

バイオグラフィーという言葉は、一般に著名な人々の生涯を書き記したもの「伝記」として知られています。けれども人智学の土壌から生み出されたバイオグラフィーワークの焦点は、私たち自身の生の物語(ライフストーリー) な のです。一人ひとりのバイオグラフィーを、その人独自のものに形作るのは、私達が生きた経験です。

Our Story

Biographywork Japan was founded in 2001.

Basic Principles and Guideline

Our aim for Biography work
1.  To awaken to the meaning and the task of our life through the study of our biography and others’.
2.  To recognize the connection between the macro and microcosmos within ourselves, which helps us to unfold the imagination for human development.
3.  To gain an understanding of Dialogue: The practice of Dialogue involves deep listening with the interest in others and learning the ways of expressing one’s inner world. Both are necessary for a deeper understanding of each other.
4.  To support the process of self-development which is essential for the building of the community of new consciousness.

Method of work (Overview)
Art & Memory Work

Detailed observation following the steps of memory work assisted by artistic expression enables us to see biographical experiences in a new light.  Through such a process,  we deepen our understanding of ourselves and the surrounding world and people.

Group Work 
Going through the process of group-sharing in pairs, small group and the whole group, we learn a great deal from each other, as well as coming to know the deeper layers of ourselves & others. Learning from the daily events in our biography. We learn about the hidden message and the essence which incidents are bringing daily. Observation - Reflection-Understanding.
Through learning this step of transformation, we meet our authentic self and begin to awaken to the real meaning and task of one’s life. Basic Guideline to have a sound Biography work.

1. Openness:The attitude of openness to a new process of biography work is helpful.
2. Trust in the process:Then you notice what you are experiencing in the here and now.
3. Confidentiality:What has been shared in the group should remain within the boundary of the work, and not continue outside the session. 
4. Hold your judgement:In order to gain insight,  we need to hold our habitual values and judgments during the work. Notice your own reaction and hold it.
5. Slow down:Do not hurry and enjoy the process of learning.

Biographywork Japan


Biographyworkers "Jupiter"

"Jupiter" is a group of professional biographyworkers who have mastered the skills, and are here to provide their services for future students.  More details on the website,


New courses have just begun in Izu, summer 2019.


Graduate's group:  Biographyworkers Jupiter
International Forum for Professional Biography Work
Leader of Psychological counseling course:  John Lees

An international institute for learning:  Emerson College